April 21st – Progress Update

A couple months ago I wrote about a little local project I’ve been working on: a license plate game for Nebraska residents/tourists (okay, Nebraska doesn’t really have tourists). Things are slowly coming together with only a few, albeit time-consuming, things left on my to-do list. One of those things involves researching my state’s history and geography, and another involves designing some achievement-related assets and a system for unlocking them.

The UI still needs work, obviously (especially the information density). The “Discoveries” section will be home to special “points of interest” which will be little badges that are automatically unlocked when a person discovers certain counties. Each point of interest will display a little story or historical nugget when tapped. The app is supposed to be educational and fun, and while I don’t think it’ll make much money (if any), I want it to be well-designed and look nice in my app portfolio.

As I mentioned in a previous post, there are 93 counties in Nebraska. I decided to request an App Store rating when a person spots 62 of them. I figure if they stick with it that long, they must like it at least a little! There’s also a link to rate the app in the modal Settings view.

So yeah! That’s where I’m at. I’m hoping it won’t take much more than a month for me to finish and ship this baby. ?