Tutorial Request: SKFieldNode

Attn: Lovely SpriteKit experts who write tutorials

I’ve been looking for a decent tutorial covering SKFieldNodes—a neat, recent (I think?) addition to SpriteKit that includes things like magnetic fields and radial gravity fields. Unfortunately, my searches have come up completely dry, and Apple’s documentation hasn’t been particularly helpful.

What I want to do is this: create a field node with a region matching the size of an SKSpriteNode’s texture. When physics bodies make contact with the texture/region, they’ll spin briefly out of control, much like hitting a banana in Mario Kart. I think I can do this using a small vortex field, but I’m not quite sure how and wish I understood all the various properties better.

So anyway, I’m hoping some kind soul will either write up a tutorial or create a demo app that shows each type of field in a separate scene along with physics bodies to interact with. Please?

In the meantime, if I figure it out, I’ll let you know!