February 2nd – Progress Update

Between baby-related activities and the ridiculous snowstorm that swept through the Midwest last night, I haven’t had a chance to work on Corgi Corral for a few days. However, a lot of things came together rather quickly last week, so I do have some progress to report (no screenshots, though).


  • After the time runs out, the game now displays your score, high score, and the name of the medal you’ve earned (bronze, silver, gold or none). The medal name will eventually be replaced by an image.
  • On the Options screen, there is a toggle to turn the sound effects on and off (and it works!).
  • iAds are set to appear on menus, but not in-game. I don’t plan to use a backup ad service, so countries that don’t display iAd won’t ever see them, which is fine.

What’s Next

I’m to the point where I can’t stand not having menu art or an app icon…so yeah. Looks like it’s time to close Xcode, open Affinity Designer, and try to make some passable artwork! I’m about as much of an artist as I am a programmer (which is to say, I sit squarely in the “amateur” category), so we’ll see how this goes! Just wait til I get to the music… ;)