Teaching App Development with Swift

Apple: Teaching App Development with Swift

Apple has a really nice curriculum on GitHub for teachers interested in having their students learn Swift. The curriculum is divided into 3 levels:

  • Level 1: Xcode Fundamentals and Swift
  • Level 2: Single View Applications and MVC
  • Level 3: Frameworks and APIs

Each level consists of several app projects, each focusing on a particular concept. Every app project is further broken down into a series of lessons (usually between 6 and 15), complete with lesson plans, Xcode project files, and Keynote presentations.

The lesson plans are very well-written and include elements that all teachers will recognize, including lists of learning outcomes, materials, and vocabulary; an introduction, body and conclusion; modifications and extensions; and a list of resources. The only thing missing is an “Assessment” section, which makes sense as teachers will have to find assessment methods that align with their own educational philosophies as well as their school’s grading policies.

Honestly, I’m thinking of teaching the course to myself, just to make sure I understand all of the things that Apple considers important for beginners to learn.