My First Critical Bug

I just submitted my first request for an expedited app review…does that mean I’m a real developer now? :P

I somehow managed to royally screw up the build settings for my project so that my watch extension 1) was not properly linking to my framework and 2) had an incorrect runtime search path. In other words, it was lookin’ for frameworks where there aren’t any. Sometimes I feel like Xcode’s build settings are like playing a game of Lights Out for the first time. With only a beginner’s understanding, it feels like I’m just flipping switches until everything works. Except in this case, everything seemed like it was working and I was able to upload to the store…only to find out that I broke the main functionality of my app: it’s ability to run on the Apple Watch. /facepalm

Of course, this will all be irrelevant when iOS 9 and watchOS 2 are released, because my watch app won’t depend on a shared framework in order to access the data store. It will have its own data store. So far, I’ve really enjoyed messing around with the new features in iOS 9 and watchOS 2, particularly SKSafariViewController and UIStackViews. I’ve also enjoyed attempting to answer people’s questions about WatchKit on Stack Overflow, even though I hardly know what I’m doing myself. All of this has been such a great learning experience and I’m already anxious to move into some new territory, such as learning how to fetch information from websites.