Meet Scribblet

On September 24, I got an idea for a widget-making app.

8 days later, I released Scribblet, an app for turning doodles into widgets. It actually took a little longer than I anticipated; I decided at the last minute to curate some background images from Unsplash to include in the app and then quickly realized I would have to learn how to implement in-app-purchases all over again because I’d forgotten everything I’d learned from Snapthread… so in the end, I just went with RevenueCat, which I’m already using with YarnBuddy. I also forgot how long it takes to assemble screenshots (especially since I had to actually create some drawings of my own) and oh, yeah, make an icon.

That icon took approximately six minutes in Affinity Designer.

The app is written in SwiftUI, with a UIViewRepresentable wrapper around PKCanvasView. As of this moment (I’m writing on Sunday night), I’m about to submit an update (1.1) that allows you to import and export widgets. Building that feature gave me the opportunity to learn about creating custom file types and using the new fileImporter/fileExporter modifiers in SwiftUI—pretty slick!

Scribblet is FREE. “So what’s it good for?” you might ask. Having fun, of course! Doodle over images of your pets, play an awkward game of tic-tac-toe with yourself, draw your very own “Super S,” doodle a quick napkin-style design that you want to keep at the forefront of your mind, jot down a quote in your own handwriting, let your kids draw something…whatever you feel like. Just add a Scribblet widget to your home screen, long-press it, and select “Edit Widget” to choose which drawing (of the same size) you’d like to display.

For an optional $1.99 in-app purchase, you can add a background image to draw over. Choose one of your own or select from one of the 30 I picked out.

If you’re artsy, you can use Scribblet to improve your #ios14homescreen aesthetic. If not, it can help you sow absolute chaos amongst your app icons. I’m serious, just make it a real hot mess. Janky af.

Also, tweet me your doodles. I already love them.

Scribblet! Download it today!

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