A Micro.blog App Idea

Yesterday I realized that I would really love a standalone app for publishing to Micro.blog that was focused on WordPress. The app itself would be structured very simply: it would open to a list of posts that you have published to Micro.blog (so, this could be all of your posts, or just your “microblog” category depending on how you have it set up). From there, you could edit or remove posts, with the option to remove them from both WordPress and Micro.blog. You could also filter the list by drafts, published, and scheduled, and, of course, write a new post.

The post editor would be very WordPress-centric, allowing you to add tags and assign categories and post types.

Basically what I want is the official WordPress app’s post editor combined with a list of my own Micro.blog posts. No timeline, no replies, just my own personal stuff.

I don’t have time to make this, and I’m not sure the audience for it would be very big. I’m sure most people prefer the combined publishing/timeline viewing experience. I think there could be a place for a focused, clutter-free blogging app though. Preferably with a sweet dark mode, Markdown support (for people who use it–I don’t), rich text or HTML support, and a way to get photos/images to and from your WordPress site’s media library.

Actually, now that I read through that list of features, I’m pretty sure my iOS development skills aren’t advanced enough to even make something like this. But, a girl can dream, right?

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