#DPP2015: Conclusion

Here are my final week and a half’s worth of photos for the December Photo Project! They’re all Live Photos processed into GIFs using Alive! and you can also look back at weeks One and Two. Oh, and I’ve set it so that GIFs don’t play automatically on this site (helps it load faster), so you’ll have to click on them to set them in motion.

December 15


We celebrated my grandpa’s 96th birthday with my mom’s delicious lasagna and a Carvel ice cream cake. My parents were also taking pictures, hence the flashes toward the end.

December 16


I nearly forgot to take a picture today but thought of it just as we were coming in for a landing. Goodbye nice warm Florida weather!

December 17


Took this as we were driving home from a shopping trip. Midwestern sunsets can be really beautiful with all that open sky.

December 18


A cool floating-cranberry-candle thingy that one of our friends made.

December 19


I went to Hobby Lobby to get some yarn so I could make a baby blanket for our son, and lo and behold everything was 50% off! The place was an absolute mad house but I did manage to find some cute nursery decorations for cheap.

December 20


The Christmas tree blocks Daisy’s view out the sliding glass door so she has to squeeze underneath it constantly. Amazingly, she’s only knocked off one ornament in doing so.

December 21


Did you know that corgis are classified as herding dogs? Here’s an early peek at the type of game I’m trying to make. It’s accelerometer-controlled, and the goal will be to chase as many sheep into the pen as you can within a certain time limit. In related news, it’s surprisingly hard to tilt an iPad while taking a photo with an iPhone.

December 22


With the yarn I acquired on the 19th, I set to work crocheting a baby blanket. Yep, those are reindeer jammies and yep, that’s an Apple TV screensaver in the background. I was listening to a classical Christmas radio station. :)

December 23


No spoilers: We finally went to see Star Wars on Wednesday! (I had to get my husband caught up first as he’d never seen any of them. We watched IV, V, & VI to prepare.) Anyway, we both really enjoyed it! It made me want to buy some action figures…can’t remember the last time I wanted to do that. It also made me want to open up my old electronic Millennium Falcon and play with it!

December 24


We finally woke up to some snow on Christmas Eve. Daisy was overjoyed, as she loves the snow.

December 25


We spent most of today with my husband’s family, of which this is only a small fraction. He has 3 siblings and 13 nieces and nephews! In contrast, I have a half brother and two nieces. Christmas was always quiet at my house growing up, so it’s certainly been fun to be a part of such a large, raucous group.

Merry Christmas everyone!