Random Thought

I was just thinking about those weird rumors about a potential 15″ MacBook Air. Most Apple bloggers seem to think that the Air line will be phased out soon after being basically upstaged by the even slimmer 12″ MacBook.

I’m wondering: is it possible that the MacBook Air would essentially become the MacBook Pro instead? I’m guessing not, since the Pro has more ports and a discrete graphics card option and there’s no way to cram all that into a case as thin as the current Airs…right? What if Apple just had one laptop line called “MacBook” with 12, 14, and 16-inch screen sizes and upgrade options that would please Pro users?

Yeah I know, that probably won’t happen. But at this point, I’m so desperate for a laptop that I can use for development that’s as light as an Air and as powerful as a Pro that I’m willing to believe anything!