Gift Idea: Gadget Bags for Ladies

If you know of a loved one who needs a good bag to tote their gadgets around in, I highly recommend these bags by BorsaBella. Let me begin by saying that I own three of them: two tablet bags and this larger purse.

Here’s what I like about them:

  • They come in fun colors/patterns.
  • The loops that hold the straps to the bag are ridiculously reinforced. They’re not going to break.
  • The straps themselves are adjustable, durable, removable, and replaceable.
  • The bags are machine washable. You’re supposed to hang them to dry but I sent mine through the dryer and they’re fine. (You should probably follow the company’s recommendations though.)
  • They have spacious pockets with high quality linings.
  • If you want, you can have them monogrammed.

If you’d rather have a clutch, there’s this cool Power Wallet from Photojojo that can charge your phone (I got one for Christmas last year; it’s nifty) or these stylish RFID-blocking clutches from Articulate (I don’t own one of these, but am thinking of getting one). Got a favorite gadget bag/purse/wallet geared toward women? Tweet at me (@bhansmeyer) and I’ll add your suggestion to this post!