Football and Fleece

Like many hobbyist developers, I’m planning to create all of the art and music for my game myself, with the possible exception of some free/public domain sound effects. That being said, I’m not exactly an artist.

Tonight, as I sat with my husband watching the Huskers eke out a controversial and unlikely win against undefeated Michigan State, I made this sheep:

sheep sprite

And it’s a cute sheep. I think I can work with it. Eventually, I’d like for the sheep to have a couple different idle animations…perhaps blinking its eyes and flicking one ear at a time.

I know it’s probably against both convention and good sense to work on the art for my game before I start programming, but without the art, I just can’t seem to get motivated. If I can get all of the assets done for just one level, that’ll be enough for me to want to start working on the code. And right now, I have only one asset left to complete: the hero of my little game! Hopefully my next update will be about digging in to the actual Xcode project, with the goal of having the first level fully functional on iPad by Christmas.