Waiting for Review Day 7: El Capitan & iOS 9

Status update: My app is still Waiting for Review and now I am currently Waiting to Install the iOS 9, Xcode 7, and OS X 10.11 betas. At my network’s lightning fast speed of 260KB/sec, I still have 22 minutes remaining on my iOS 9 download. I even had to cancel a concurrent Xcode 7 download in order for it to reach such blazing speeds. ಠ_ಠ

Anyway, based on the keynote, here are the things that I’m most excited about:

  • SFSafariViewController
  • Search API (CoreSpotlight)
  • iPad Split View – I’m really looking forward to seeing the possible ways that music-making apps could be used with this.
  • iCloud Drive app (finally!)
  • Access to the watch’s taptic engine – The first metronome app to tap you on the wrist and not suffer latency wins!
  • UIStackView – I barely know what this even is but it seems really awesome.
  • All of the intelligent/contextual Spotlight/Siri stuff
  • Swift is open source! Yay!
  • I’m oddly looking forward to trying out the new News app. Also, Notes looks pretty cool as well!

From what I’ve heard thus far, Xcode 7 is weirdly stable. Here’s hoping that everything else is as well! I don’t think I’ll put the iOS 9 developer beta on my iPhone yet (I’ll wait for the public beta build), but I plan to put it on my iPad Air 2 and I’ll also upgrade to the OS X 10.11 beta on my Macbook Pro, since Apple merged the Mac and iOS developer programs (another one of my favorite announcements today). :D