With over a day left until the Apple event, I find myself in an unfamiliar bind: I’m out of predictions podcast episodes to listen to. ? #mbnov

The only thing puzzling me at the moment is why I am still awake, seeing as we’re not likely to hear any significant updates until tomorrow night, maybe even Monday. Must just be nervous energy. #mbnov

I listened to John McCain’s 2008 concession speech today and was moved to tears by his display of integrity, humility, maturity, and kindness. Such a stark contrast to you-know-who, who appears to be stooping to new lows I hadn’t even considered possible. #mbnov

As Apple’s “One More Thing” Mac event draws near, I find myself dreaming about Mac laptops in colors other than gray/silver. Black, rose gold, tangerine, cosmic purple, pumpkin spice; I literally do not care as long as they’re not gray. MacBook Airs in the original six colors would be so rad. #mbnov

It is an astonishingly beautiful day today. 82 degrees in Nebraska in November…I’ll take it! I’m outside with my family right now, soaking in the sunshine and hoping for better days. ☀️ #mbnov

Finding it nearly impossible to concentrate on coding right now, so I decided to learn how to play chess. Why chess? My husband watched The Queen’s Gambit and I happened to catch the final episode. Seems like a fun game to help take my mind off of current events! #mbnov

The prospect of a dark, dreary winter used to depress me; this year, I find myself oddly looking forward to it. Something about the juxtaposition of our warm interior lights and the frosty blue darkness out the window…it’s a whole vibe that I’m very much into right now. #mbnov


Inktober 2019, Day 31, “Ripe”

And that’s a wrap for Inktober! It was a fun addition to my daily schedule and I’m pleasantly surprised that I managed to complete it without missing a day. Now, back to coding! ?